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National Basketball League of Canada 

Audley Stephenson
Deputy Commissioner

Audley Stephenson AKA "The Audman" has been an energetic ambassador of NBL Canada since the league's inception in 2011. He was unanimously appointed to the position of deputy commissioner by the board of directors in October 2017 and the primary function of his role is to manage all league/basketball day-to-day and game day operations including and not limited to administrative functions ie the issuance of fines and suspensions etc. Stephenson is the third deputy commissioner in league history and stepped into this role after serving six seasons in a variety of capacities such as public/media relations, communication and content strategy plus other internal roles within the league.

Audley is deeply passionate about the game of basketball and is committed to doing his part to grow the league. This former NBA credentialed media expert is no stranger to the world of media/broadcasting and professional basketball industry having covered the NBA through a web based talk show he co-produced/co-hosted for five seasons. The Toronto native and father of three is also the founder of The Audman Media – a brand that produces digital stories on sports and urban culture and features interviews with a variety of athletes, entertainers and persons/topics of interest.

Chuck Miller
League Statistician

Chuck Miller is pleased and honoured to work with NBL Canada for the league’s seventh consecutive season. A graduate of Hamilton College and of the Street Academy of Albany (N.Y.), Miller has worked with several professional sports leagues, including the Continental Basketball Association, the Premier Basketball League and the American Professional Soccer League. He currently authors the NBL Canada’s “Weekly Report,” a digital download of results and updates from the League’s past games, and also creates the NBL Canada’s “Cool Stat of the Week,” in which he shares interesting statitistical moments from the league’s most exciting players and contests.

Chuck is also one of the most dedicated minor league sports historians ever known. His efforts to restore statisics and games to historic records have helped to uncover the results from the Continental Basketball Association’s post-World War II years, as well as the missing American Hockey League’s 1942 All-Star Game, the first played in league history. In 1993, Miller recovered the Atlantic City Boardwalk Championship Trophy, originally awarded to the champions of the Eastern Hockey League (1933-73). That trophy is now on display at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

Mike Falloon
Director of Officials

Michael Falloon has been a part of the National Basketball League of Canada since its inaugural year as an on floor official. In 2014, Falloon retired from the floor and was appointed Director of Officials for the league.

He has been actively involved and is well respected in the basketball community for the past 25 years in various capacities (coach, official, Toronto Association of Basketball Officials member, executive board member, provincial evaluator, assignor and community liaison officer.)

In his prestigious 25 year officiating career, Falloon has officiated at countless national and provincial championships at the University, Collegiate, Provincial and High School levels. At each level he has earned the gold medal game for his hard work, dedication and commitment to the game of basketball.

In his current role as director of officials, he is responsible for the officials’ on-court performance as well as the day-to-day managing, assigning, recruiting and development of officials for the league.

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