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NBL Canada Implements Referee Review Spotters

Released: March 09, 2016
By: NBL Canada Media


In an effort to continue the process of improvement for our game, the National Basketball League of Canada, effective immediately will add Referee Review Spotters to our game day support.

These spotters will review the calls, position, control of the game & overall professionalism of the refereeing crew doing the game.
A report will be submitted to the Director of Officials Mike Falloon & Commissioner Magley for every game.
These reports will be shared with the refs doing that game.  Patterns that occur (missing certain calls by multiple refs) will be gone over with the entire pool of referees on a weekly basis.
"Basketball Officials invest a lot of time educating themselves on the rules and applying the rules in game situations.  Having Spotters will only increase the playing experience and the fan experience," says Mike Falloon, Director of Officials. "Our officials are always looking to improve themselves. The practice of using Spotters or on sight officials not only will benefit the officiating, but will have the NBLC using the same practices as other professional organizations."
"In my opinion out refs are doing the best job that I have seen in my time with the NBL, this year.  This additional step is something used liberally by the NBA, the NBDL & NCAA", says Commissioner David Magley.  "We are constantly striving to better this great league & believe that this can only help."


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