NBL Canada Releases End of Year Guide

NBL Canada Releases End of Year Guide

The NBL Canada's Postseason Guide allows fans, media and hoops historians to track the league's historic records and achievements.  With this guide, media members can compare players' upcoming achievements against team records and historical marks.  

NBL Canada league statistician, Chuck Miller said, "For players, the Guide can act as a resume for their future playing careers, whether those careers are in the NBLC, the NBA, or overseas.  Miller also added, "A league's statistics is its life blood; they make every contest, whether playoff or end of season wrapup, significantly important."

To view the postseason guide, please click here.

About NBL Canada

The National Basketball League of Canada (NBLC) is Canada's longest standing professional domestic basketball league being founded in 2011. The NBL Canada consists of (11) teams featuring two divisions, Central and Atlantic. It provides a high quality professional sports entertainment environment to their fans and players and is dedicated to raising the profile of the sport of professional basketball throughout Canada by providing fans with an entertaining experience starting at a community level.