Glen Davis: "It Was Just The Right Opportunity To Come To The NBLC"

Glen Davis: "It Was Just The Right Opportunity To Come To The NBLC"

By: Cole Shelton

Glen 'Big Baby' Davis sent shock-waves through the NBLC when it was announced he was coming to sign in the NBLC with the St. John's Edge. 

Davis, who won a championship in the NBA and played in the league for nine years was set to head north. He hadn't played 5-on-5 competitive basketball in years and wanted to get back into playing after playing in the Big 3. That is where the Edge came in, as when the opportunity came to play in the NBLC and with St. John's it was a no brainer. 

"I broke my ankle on the same foot I had my surgery on so it was kind of like four surgeries on one foot. Then, really just sitting out for a long time and trying to heal and get my mind right," Davis said in a recent phone interview. "As I decided to come back my first come back was the Big 3. It was 3-on-3 and then playing well and winning the championship it made me feel like I had a lot more in the tank. I wanted to see how I could do 5-on-5 and St. John's was the place where I could come, take my time, and play my way to where I could feel confident on the court. It was just a great opportunity for me. St. John's is letting me get into my grove and into my rhythm again because I haven't played in so long.

"I just wanted an opportunity to come back and take my time and come back the way I wanted to. Really St. John's given me that opportunity," he continued. "A lot of others teams wouldn't let me work my way in. When you don't play for three or four years and playing at a high-level you want to work your way back. That is what the Edge let me do."

So far, Davis has played ten games with Edge and started two of them. He is averaging 19.9 minutes per game and chipping in with 12.4 points, 5.4 rebounds, and 2.2 assists while shooting an impressive 45.5% from the field. Although Davis hasn't played 5-on-5 in years, he still is playing at a high-level. Part of the reason why is the fact that he has played with and against the best players for years. 

"It helps tremendously. Especially in the mindset, and also helping others," Davis said. "Playing against other people in the world it has been a great benefit to the players on the team giving them the knowledge of what I know."

Since he joined the Edge, the fan support for Davis has been tremendous. At games, he is seen signing autographs and talking to fans and the same goes on the streets and at restaurants. During the games, however, Davis is focused on playing and continuing to get back to his old self, and really that is all he wants to prove. 

"I really have nothing to prove. My biggest thing is to prove things to myself as a player," he said. "The NBA knows what I can do, especially when I am in shape. They know what I am capable of, they saw me play a thousand times. My job here is to give as much knowledge and show leadership as much as I can and win a championship."

While he wants to prove to himself that he can play at a high-level, Davis is well aware that other teams and players in the NBLC want to try and show him up. They want to play better for him for their confidence, and in the end, it is only helping Davis get better. 

"No question. If you think about it, these guys have been playing basketball their entire lives and some make it to the NBA just for a second and some don't," Davis explained. "To see a guy like me playing and they have seen me play at a high-level, this just gives them an opportunity to help themselves and help their confidence. Every night it is kind of cool, every team plays their best."

In the end, Davis is the biggest signing the NBLC has ever had. Now, whether or not this is the start of a comeback is not known. All that is known, is Davis is here to play for St. John's and help them win a championship. 

"I don't know," he said of if this is the start of a comeback. "Just see where my heart takes me with this. Hopefully, I can come here and win a championship, that is what I want to do. That is my focus, and that is all I can focus on this year. For a comeback, we will see about that. We will let the people and the GM's decide if I should come back."

The goal remains the same for Davis, get back into shape and show the basketball world he can still play at a high-level. Ten games in, he appears to be doing that.